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A man and his pipe...

Eddie Graves

Here is a guy that brings the "one man band" at least into the 20th century, if not the 21st. If you ever get a chance to see one one of his shows you will come away happy, even if you don't appreciate the "style" of his music. Truly a Maker of music!

MetroGnome remixes

Eddie Graves

Not exactly my style of music, but it is almost mesmerizing watching him perform these (although I'm sure it is dubbed). A lot of creativity here, and just fun!...Oh and make sure to check out his Breaking Bad remix..Bitch.

Jim' Big Ego

Eddie Graves

Not sure where I heard of this band first, probably NPR. Love their lyrics, kind of reminds me Jonathan Coulton in some ways. Wish they had actual videos, but enjoy the music


Eddie Graves

This is a band I have always loved, but never quite figured out how they "made it". They just seem a little too quirky (like Oingo Boingo) to sell as many albums as they have. I am not complaining, hopefully they will be able to keep doing it!

The old Blog

Eddie Graves

You have probably found your way here by mistake, but welcome. This is where I will continue my old PluckThis blog. Mostly commentary and videos of music I like, but sometimes more. I will start this off with a video I watched last night (actually the disc). I forgot how much I miss having Oingo Boingo around to go to live shows. I remember vividly being in the pit at a show at the Buckhead theater in Atlanta Ga. and leaving looking like I had taken a shower with my clothes on. Le sigh...